Steph is a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur and a wellness coach for people who are wanting to make changes in their lifestyle.
"Here to inspire your journey into natural health"
I am a Melbourne born gal who now lives in Perth, Australia with my little fam bam; my hubby and our two daughters (2yo and 3.5yo). I am so passionate about leading a healthy and active lifestyle which is how I have managed to navigate through some really tough 'curve ball' moments in my life... I have been on a healing journey and I am in the BEST physical and mental state that I have experienced previously. I want to help inspire others and educate you on ways you can be the best version of you.
My journey with doTERRA started when I was pregnant with my second daughter and my friend gave me a bottle of DigestZen to help with my pregnancy related sickness. Within a few days, I had ordered a Home Essentials Kit and got started learning more about these 'natural solutions'.
We started making roller blends and diffusing the oils but within a short amount of time, we loved the support to our bodies, so we delved deeper and started making our own DIY versions of our household products to reduce the chemicals in our home.
The time arrived for me to return to my corporate job from being on maternity leave... even though I knew I wanted to create a business out of my newfound passion and share this BIG secret with others... I was unsure how I would juggle two young kids, returning to work and starting a business but where there is a will, there is a way...
And then, before I was due to start back at work, I was made redundant which was an incredibly emotional time in my life.
But from that darkness, I was cracked open and was extremely vulnerable and I wanted more for my family... more flexibility and ownership with what I was working for which led us to a whole new journey. We stepped outside of our comfort zone and took the leap to create 'A Zest for Life with Steph'. When I say 'WE', I say that because it is a team effort. My hubby has supported me from the outset, he helps with a lot of our online marketing strategy and created this website from scratch (with no previous IT experience), he looks after our girls when I am at markets or workshops on the weekend and is always willing to do all that he can to help me with our business - whilst juggling his day job plus studying part-time.

I am so proud of what we have created; late nights, early mornings, 7 days per week and all of that comes so much easier when you are working on a business that you are passionate about (especially your own).
It all started with the power of ONE…
ONE drop of oil;
ONE new connection;
ONE recipe post;
and when all of that came together, it culminated into what we have built today which gives us an immense feeling of FREEDOM because this was in our dreams and is now our reality.